A tiny adventure game about hiking during the pandemic.

Follow trail blazes, take photos, make friends, and find lost items.

The visitor center is closed, but the trail is open. Social distancing is in effect, and masks are required.

  • 3 trails to explore
  • 14 photo locations
  • 10 lost items
  • 11 hikers to befriend

You can be nice to strangers by being a good listener, or by returning their lost items. You can stay in touch with your best friend who can’t come hiking with you anymore. You can’t take anything away from anywhere (except for the litter on the ground).

It’s short and replayable! It’s about getting better acquainted with friendly strangers by seeing them repeatedly.

The environments are sourced from photographs and pieced together like a collage. The trails draw inspiration from hikes in the Northeastern US (specifically NJ, NY, CT, MA). We wanted the place to feel realistic, idyllic, and familiar like a nostalgic memory, all at the same time.

If you’re looking for a short, relaxing, and cozy time, come visit our trails and be friends with our hikers!

Mouse to move
Enter to toggle fullscreen

GJ Lee, Brian S. Chung, Josie Brechner, Olivia Zuern

Tree Trunk Brook was made possible thanks to the support of our patrons. Please consider supporting us by subscribing!


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Enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the unique art style! (I especially love the dog's design haha! and also your studio logo!) What a nice hike~


ahh! thank you!!


Tree Trunk Brook is coming to Steam! You can add it to your wishlist now:


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Thanks for sharing this cute game to us! You can tell a lot of love was put into this - there's just some really cute details that didn't have to be in there, but make it all more charming.

I found a few minor bugs during my play - hope you don't mind me sharing:

  • If turning in the camera lens to the Lost & Found and you talk to the Photographer the next day, some of the dialog seems to run out of order. Also, the best friend chime doesn't seem to play for them.
  • The dialog box about the things you found during the hikes seem to run out of space and cuts off mid-sentence

I hope that one day - post-COVID - we can politely ask to pet to the dog ;) Thanks again for giving me a relaxing 45 min during these times!


Thanks so much for your appreciation!!

We've also just uploaded a patch that fixes the 2 bugs you mentioned. 🌱


This is a very relaxing game and enjoyed playing it! Everyone stay safe!


yayy thanks for playing~


I really love the graphics and STYLE.  It's easy to play as well.


ah thanks so much!!