Future Dreams is a turn-based RPG about three friends working to restore balance to the dreams of the world!

The mythical Dream Rod falls into the hands of Aurora when a sudden wave of disappearances befalls the cities and counties of Isoxia. Rounding up her friends Genesis and Noemi along the way, Aurora has to free these missing people from their own dreams' control.


Grace Mrsich created the concept of Future Dreams. She's 14 years old and is a 9th grader from Connecticut.

Grace submitted her vision of the game to the Celebration of Young Game Designers contest, organized by ASAP! (After School Arts Program, Inc.)

Her submission included descriptions of gameplay, design goals, wireframes, character sketches, and plot details.

As a result of her submission being a winning entry, our team got together for a game jam and developed a game based on her designs!

Development Credits: 
Brian S. Chung, GJ Lee, Laura TallardyOlivia Zuern, Calbert WarnerJake Wagner



AuthorsThe Sheep's Meow, asapct
GenreRole Playing
Made withConstruct
TagsJRPG, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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It was a very nice game. Impressive for someone of that age.