How to play

  • Steer by pointing the mouse. 
  • Eat as much food as you can!
  • To escape enemies, cut your body by crashing into it. 
  • Enemies make your life end faster. 

Post your high score in the comments!



  • This prototype was made in participation of Trijam 195 (“Cut your losses”). 
  • The game was developed within 3 hours, except for design, planning, and some asset reuse. 
  • We started from our own template project we made for prototyping, which includes Loading / Title / Pause menus with placeholder UI, a generic high score script, sound effects, and we reused some background textures.
AuthorThe Sheep's Meow
Made withConstruct
Average sessionA few seconds


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Wrote a short showcase on this btw, the article isn't up yet as it's under review.


cool! please share when available!

I apologize, I pre-emptively posted it, I didn't have the go ahead.


Here it is now. Your's is the last one.

Amazing! Thank you